Urgent Needs

Current student strength is 52.      

Expense per child:
Monthly Rs.2500/- ($60)
Yearly Rs.30000/- ($700)

  • Land for School (2 - 5 hectares)
  • School Building and Hostels
  • Land for Rehabilitation centre (5-10 hectares)
  • Building for Rehabilitation centre
  • Hostels for Ladies and Gents
  Your valuable contributions / donations may be made in favour of Grama Jyothi National Institute for the Differently Abled, Nalanchira P.O. Thiruvananthapuram 695015, Kerala, India.


Welcome to Grama Jyothi.Org

As the President of the charitable society "Grama Jyothi National Institute For The Differently Abled" and its Grama Jyothi Special school for the special children(M.R), I wish to say a few words presenting the facts about the institution. WHY SUFFERING ? This is a great question that has moved the hearts of many. Gautham Budha though was brought up in the luxury of the king's palace, was very much moved when he saw the suffereng around him, and left the comforts of the palace and sought the solution for the problem of suffering. To Moses God said about the sufferings of the people of Israel " I have surely seen the afflictions of my people in Egypt and have heard their cry". So Moses was called by God and sent to Egypt with the commission of delivering of delivering the people of Israel from suffering and bondage. Fr.Damian was moved when he saw the suffering of the leprosy patients and dedicated his life for serving them. Mother Tereza was moved by seeing the suffering of the people in Culcutta, and dedicated her life for serving the suffering people. Jesus said "Let him hear who have ears". Many have ears, but do not hear, and many have eyes but do not see the innocent suffering around. We find many disabled or differently abled children around us and are unable to answer the question "Why"? Some are born deaf and dumb, why some are blind, some with crippled limbs, and why some are mentally retarded. I have been thinking in the past as to how I Could be of service to such suffering persons. This search has led a group of people in Trivandrum, to form a charitable society by the name GRAMA JYOTHI NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR THE DIFFERENTLY ABLED to serve the differently abled. Mr Thomas Mammen and his wife Mrs Anamika Thomas, took the initative and they could find out friends who have similar sprit of service, and thus the society was registerd on 3rd November,2004.

Rev. T. J. ABRAHAM..

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